Topmost Commander





Pilot of Clarian

Friend to Geocachers All™



Aura Raines, commander of the Clarian Space Fleet is not to be confused with Aura Rhanes from Clarion. Unlike the other Aura, Raines has never been implicated or named as a respondent in a divorce proceeding. Also, she does not wear berets.

Aura Raines
Clarian is a planet that we cannot see because it is always hidden behind Clarion. Nevertheless, Aura reassures us that their people do not have an inferiority complex just because the planet remains unseen.

Clarian is committed to the tradition of Space People who seek only world peace — they are not the grays that moved into the neighborhood with all that talk about abductions and strange things with cattle.


Aura seeks only to make sure that certain reptilians do not get out of hand; that Space People take advantage of the special offers through the Clarian Travel Authority; and that they help with geocaching  as time permits. 

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