The Quest of Aura Raines



Aura Raines, the Topmost Commander of the Clarian Fleet continues to seek world peace and to occasionally help geocachers in need.


Discover what happens during the fateful meeting of the two Auras! Learn the secrets of Easter Island and Devil’s Tower!


« Get Your Rockets Off



Aura wonders whether the craft that took Daniel Fry (Incident at White Sands) on a trip to New York and back should be donated to the White Sands Missile Range museum.


« UFO Landing Site


Aura Raines at ancient landing site

Before beaming was perfected, it helped to land on solid surfaces.


« Aliens Among Us


Aura visits to a Rusty SPACECRAFT


Towels are essential for any traveler in the Galaxy, especially if you fly in a rusty craft and might end up hitchhiking.


« E.T. Phone Home #2 


Aura Raines and Rhanes

Aura Raines and Aura Rhanes encourage travelers to call home.    Clarians amd Clarions can both take advantage of the “Call Box” rate for family calling  


« Southside Pond 


Interplanetary campers

Aura offers advice for Interplanetary campers — but it helps to make reservations early.


« The Riddle of the Great Sphinx of Giza 



Aura at the Pyramids of Giza

Sometimes humans do not listen to advice and Clarians bear no responsibility or credit for the outcome.


« The Secret of Rolling Stones 


Aura Investigates Moving Rocks

Stones can move without Clarian help.  


» Some Like It Hot 


Aura negotiates a special rate at the UFO Hotel when flight crews need a rest.


« Easter Island Quarry and Holes


Aura reminds us that resemblance is not proof since there is no record of Clarians chartering Moai transport. 



Aura’s Saucer Get your genuine model of a Clarian Scoutship. Just like aura flies, complete with the latest blur effects!   



« De UFO-landingsplaats



Landing spots are sometimes contaminated by old-style sport models and ships used by grays that have never been retrofitted to the latest standards employed on the Clarian fleet.


 Devils Tower National Monument II



Aura believes that sacred spots should be seen and not climbed    


« Mars Perseverance


The space people try to avoid robots but it makes it harder to hike, camp, or go geocaching.  








Clarian Caching Council