Captain Aura Raines


Clarian Comic No. 1
The classic introduction to Aura ‘s adventures in making the world safe for geoaching. This comic is a collector’s item in three universes, five galactic systems, and seven other dimensions.  

Will Aura discover the secrets of the galaxy?  Is she able to learn what happened in New Mexico? Can she land her ship better than certain other pilots?  And what about Clarian agenda for world peace?


These questions and more will be answered as you follow the thrilling adventures of the topmost Captain In the known universes.


« The Superhero Challenge


Aura Raines asking a Question

Sometimes even superheroes get tired of the same old requests for help.

« Famous Aliens Quiz


Aura Raines should be a Famous Aliens

Aura knows that fame is fleeting, but considers whether she should contact the manager who got Val Thor the book and movie deals.  



« E.T. Letterbox (0001 – E.T.)


ET Hwy and Aura Raines

Aura is always interested in checking out the latest models from Area 51.


« Quarks


Aura Raines Visits Quarks  

Aura never travels without towing insurance.When you are in the desert, one wrong turn can create problems.



« Zombie Hunter – Rules to Survive By


Zombie Hunter and Aura Raines

A lesson taught in the Clarian Academy is that its important to follow the rules when dealing with the undead.



« The Dark Knight Challenge     



Dark Knight Challenges And Aura Raines

It’s all part of the job of being a Clarian pilot and all-around superhero.



« The Aura Raines Challenge


The Aura Raines challenge

Clarian commanders routinely face many challenges. 


 « Enchanted Unsolved Mysteries


Aura Raines Investigates Roswell

It appears that someone from Zeta Reticuli got distracted by a cow. The Clarians had to call in a few favors to clean up after that one.


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Aura Raines dispels Misconceptions

These days everyone is curious but at one point, Clarians only had to answer questions about world peace and their last visit with Richard Nixon.

« Challenge of the Super Friends


Aura Raines Also Wears a Cape

Clarians appreciate the importance of style.  And the importance of not criticizing other heroes for their style choices.  


« There Watching Bro!


Aura Raines promotes tourism

Clarians are urged to visit the earth before it is underwater.  What happened to Venus should be a reminder that its never too early to start to plan a vacation because travel is best before a planet changes.


« Spaced Out


Aura Raines Sometimes Like to Dance

Clarians rock, especially compared to the Clarions and Venusians  . . .  but as Captain Aura Raines has learned from a particular geocaching reviewer, all things in moderation.   



« Aztec UFO


Aura Raines Checks for Element 115

Aura uses a Federation® tricorder to determine if the grays yet again crashed their saucer.  Somebody has to be  billed for the damages and other expenses.  Not to mention the legal fees.  Crashes create a lot of paperwork.



« Goblin Valley


Aura Raines visits Goblin valley

Clarians generally rely on the historical records — whether it be to plan a vacation or search for hidden things.  But as Captain Raines knows, the records are only as reliable as the author.


« Never Give Up – Never Surrender



Aura Raines paid attention to Galaxy Quest

Clarion pilots often have to try whatever they can think of doing in a pinch, but a traditional Clarian chant often works when faced with a sticky wicket.



« Indigo Adriatic Aliens


Aura Raines contacts newly discovered species

The Raptors that befriended Captain Mark Richards are clearly not Indigo.  The Pleiadeans who danced on the Dean Martin show and joked around with Billy Meier are not Adriatic.  Even the hybrids who appeared on stage at an international UFO meeting do not fit this description. Sometimes geocaching makes little sense to Aura.



« You Light Up My Life


Aura Raines And the MIB

The Men in Black.   Not the Man in Black.   One word can make a difference.  Just don’t mention Debby Boone in front of Aura.


« UFO Landing Site 


Aura Raines Does not crash saucers

Flying saucers can be hard to fly but Clarians take pride in their skills and anti-crash tech.  The pilots here clearly did not graduate from the Clarian Academy.  They might be required to take a driving test or refresher course before their next interplanetary trip.





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