Aura’s Confidential



Aura No 4Captain Aura Raines, the topmost commander from Clarian, returns with thrilling new tales of exploration and adventures helping geocachers


Discover what awaits Aura as she explores new dimensions in space and time, where no Clarianite has gone before!  


Will Aura discover the secret of  the stone face?  Will she  have to clean up after the raptors go antiquing?   And will geocaching help create world peace?





» The Truth is Out There 


Aura solves another reported sighting and learns that Raptors have questionable taste.




Clarian Sea Creatures


The Amazing Clarian Sea monkeys


Imagine being able to care for the these lovable clowns of the Clarian sea . . . an endless source of wonder and mystery.  


Watch these creatures enter the Seven Dimensions and astound you with their knowledge of quantum physics.


Free to all members of the Aura Raines Research Center.



» Ring Mountain Man

Aura at Ring Mountain Man

Aura is used to finding Monoliths and other strange things, but this was a long way from home.  She concluded that a cosmic rift resulted in strange objects appearing in random locations.



» Five Miles of Gorilla Art


Aura Raines Gorilla Art Geocache

Aura visits a guerrilla art site,  of course in a tunnel, and discovers that while not every spray painter is an artist,  some Dracos are misunderstood artists.  



» The SpaceCapn Blog

  Aura Raines meets the Council


Recent developments required Aura to meet representatives of the Galactic Federation or Council


« Messaline Masterpiece


Aura Raines visits the UFO viewing platform

 Aura recognizes that not every sighting is a sighting.




Watch for new Adventures.