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The Adventures of Aura Raines v. 5

Aura Raines of Clarian is ready for new adventures into deep space, time, and general strangeness.

Aura is always ready for something new.








»» 7730

Aura Raines at Mount Shasta
Aura has long needed to visit the resident Lemurians and was invited to stay at the summer home of Count Saint Germain.


»»» The Original ET Highway Cache

Aura Revisits the ET Highway

Aura has not visited the ET Highway since she was excluded from the Famous Aliens cache (Book One) but agrees that the official Clarian tours can stop here.


»» UFO Landing Pad

Most interstellar craft now uses beaming tech to land

Aura explains that landing pads are rarely used these days with the advent of the Clarian Beam Technology.  It’s almost foolproof!


»» Mt. Irish Petroglyph Site

Aura inspects ancient Rock Art

Aura is often called to resolve whether ancient rock art depicts Clarian space craft.


»» Team WhiteWolf


Aura Raines - Ryaknhenge Attracts many visitors
All vIsitors to Ryanhenge should support local standards  




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